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Time is running out for Africa to guarantee food security for its population. As the saying goes, it is not very reasonable to keep doing the same things and expect different results.

Africa needs crops that can withstand pests and disease, withstand drought, flourish without excessive pesticides and fertilizers, and produce healthy food. Africa needs crops to enable smallholder farmers to prosper. GMOs provide a powerful instrument for Africa to address these demands when other choices fail over time.

Certain GMOs have modifications that render them resistant to specific antibiotics. Theoretically, when people or animals eat these plants, their genes may be ingested. As a result, the individual or animal may also get resistant to antibiotics.

There have been worries that food DNA could damage the immune system ever since some food scientists discovered in 2009 that food DNA can survive as far as the gut.

Additionally, some people have expressed concern that consuming GMO food can alter human genetics. But whether a food is genetically modified or not, the majority of its DNA is either eliminated by cooking or degrades before it reaches the large intestine.