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Tanzania is no novice to sisal production, if anything, it is one of the world’s oldest sisal producing countries. Dating back to the late 19th century when the region was then known as the German East Africa Company, sisal was produced by the colonialists, at which time it was the German administration and later the British.

Reports state that sisal production was the colony’s largest export so much that at the time of independence in 1961, Tanzania was the largest exporter of Sisal in the world.

Now, almost 6 decades down the road, Tanzania is working on regaining the status. For one, a quick visit around the sprawling sisal farms that run for miles and miles with their pointed spikes reaching for the skies, one can tell, little to no upkeep is been done to these plantations.

So the government, in June, warned that it will revoke all undeveloped …