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This platform aims to harness the potential of the potato value chain in the region to enable proper production and commercialization of the food crop on the realization that it is one of the key agricultural produce traded and consumed widely.  Over 2.2 million farmers across the EAC partner states earn their living from the potato sector.  

The Jumuiya Potato Platform has now been formalized under a Public-Private Partnership structure to enable sustainable research, innovation and free trade right from the potato seed. 

The Potato Platform has been arrived at after a series of engagements between stakeholders representing national governments on the public front, farmers and traders on the private side with guidance from the EAC Secretariat and the EABC. Facilitated by GIZ, the stakeholders launched Jumuiya Potato Platform after a two-day regional meeting held in Kampala. …

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On September 17th, Tanzania via Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) and Germany (German Corporation for International Cooperation -GIZ) have entered into an agreement in amending Tanzanian graduates’ employability via a special project named: Employment for Development.

The boost comes forth to advance youth socio-economic potentials in developing their respective economies and the nation at large. This is reflected in the context of high rates of annual graduates versus available positions in the formal sector.

Available data show, over 900,000 youth enter the job market per year in Tanzania, but only 50,000 to 60,000 formal sector jobs are created yearly. Leaving rather many graduates unemployed, this goes along with the unemployment rate in Tanzania which stands at 9.7 per cent.

The project is specifically focused on seeking various opportunities and job skills demands, existing among various investors, within the Southern regions of Tanzania, and offer graduates with necessary skill-sets …