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The distinctive Zimbabwe Granite is a much sought-after dimension stone in the world. The resource is considerable and there is potential for investment by both local and foreign companies.

Reports indicate that the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark was built with black granite from Zimbabwe. It’s just one of many examples of how the prized stone is used around the world.

Currently, 75% of the country’s black granite is produced in Mutoko, Mashonaland East Province. Companies such as Southern Granite, Dingmao Mining, Quarrying Enterprises, Zimbabwe International Quarries, and Natural Stone Exports are in the business of Granite Value Addition.

Once again, Heijin was at the centre of another dispute. This time around, it was displacing more villagers in Murehwa. Murehwa is a village in Mashonaland East province.

This time around, it affected up to 100 families. As with the example above, the company received a special mining grant to mine black granite in the area. The mining claim sits on a densely populated place covering between 200 & 300 hectares.

Due to the presence of granite in the area, Chinese companies are laying siege on the province. All this to get their hands on the rare and lucrative stone. Heijin’s newest intrusion follows another bloody battle between Mutoko and Shanghai Haoying Mining Investments villagers.

They have claims to mine black granite, which was. At the same time, Shanghai Haoying has compensated households who would lose their home due to mining activities. The Chinecompany’sy’s plans to establish operations in the area have met fierce opposition from angry locals.