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  • An increasing number of investors across the globe are angling for a pie of Africa's $1 trillion hydrogen supply potential.
  • By 2050, analysts project that green hydrogen could increase the GDP of six African countries including Egypt, Namibia, Mauritania, Morocco, and South Africa by $126 billion.
  • In 2021, the government of Namibia announced the rollout of a green hydrogen project worth an estimated $9.4 billion.

Africa has experienced several energy transitions throughout the past few decades, from coal-powered energy to the massive adoption of electricity that still powers many industries today.

But as the continent enters a new age of renewable energy, Africa's steady adoption of green hydrogen, a new offering in renewable energy mix has the potential to accelerate the continent's move into energy independence.

Currently, Africa's hydrogen supply is estimated at $1 trillion industry and an increasing number of organizations have flooded the market, trying to gain a

3D rendering of a concept of an energy storage system based on electrolysis of hydrogen in a clean environment with photovoltaics, wind farms and a city in the background.

By 2030 alone, between 6,000 and 10,000 megawatts of dedicated renewable energy plants would need to be built to power 3,000 to 5,000 megawatts of electrolyzer capacity, according to figures shown in the presentation. Electrolyzers use electricity to make hydrogen from water.

Green hydrogen production technologies are seeing a renewed wave of interest. This is because the possible uses for hydrogen are expanding across multiple sectors, including power generation, manufacturing processes in industries such as steelmaking and cement production, fuel cells for electric vehicles, heavy transport such as shipping, green ammonia production for fertilizers, cleaning products, refrigeration, and electricity grid stabilization, according to the World Bank.

South Africa possesses exceptional conditions for the development of a competitive green hydrogen industry due to its geographical and institutional environments, giving it the potential to become a development pole at the national and regional levels.…

Six African nations launch the Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance.
  • The Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance targets accelerating the transition from fossil fuels overreliance that has made the continent reluctant, as fossil fuels drive most economies in the continent
  • Green hydrogen could provide Africans with new access to cleaner energy sources, employment opportunities, public health benefits due to cleaner air, GDP creation and export revenues outside Africa
  • Six African nations have formally launched the Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance. The countries include South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Namibia and Mauritania

Six African nations have formally launched the Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance. The Alliance aims to make Africa a pioneer in adopting cleaner energy sources by producing green hydrogen.

The countries include South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Namibia and Mauritania.

The countries formally launched the Alliance at the first-ever Green Hydrogen Global Assembly in Barcelona, Spain, with the support of the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions, the Green Hydrogen Organisation (GH2), …