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Activists and agriculture lobbyist have already protested the move by the government to lift the 10-year ban on GM foods. A joint statement signed by Greenpeace Africa and lobbyist groups argued that, “food security is not just about the amount of food, but the quality and safety. Our cultural and indigenous foods have proved to be safer, with diverse nutrients and with less harmful chemical inputs.”

Lobbyists insist that public participation could have taken place, prior to lifting the ban; and are championing for its reinstatement. Furthermore, they are advocating for an inclusive participatory process to be instituted or a taskforce onboarded, to investigate long-term and sustainable solutions to attain food security.

The move has elicited divergent views across the region. Tanzania is firmly opposed to the use of biotechnology in food production, and considering its proximity to Kenya, has upgraded its vigilance to ensure GM food or cash crops…

Greenpeace Africa has handed over a petition to Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and Enterprise Development Betty Maina seeking to halt the Kenya-US Plastic Deal.

Greenpeace Africa handed over a petition calling for her to take a stand against advocacy from lobbyists from the American Chemistry Council to make Africa a dumping site.

“We are here to represent the voices of more than 20,000 people who are concerned about the future of our country and continent at large. We want to send a clear message that we will not allow any lobbyists or the plastic industry to derail us from the progress we have made in the continent. Kenya cannot be coerced into lowering its environmental standards by corporations who put profits before people and the environment,” said Fredrick Njehu, Greenpeace Africa Senior Political Advisor.

Many voices have come together to place this injustice on the agenda. Recently 62

Greenpeace Africa has expressed its hope for more accountability and transparency in the agriculture sector.

This comes in the wake of the recent cabinet reshuffle by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to the Greenpeace Africa’s Senior Political Advisor, Fredrick Njehu  the appointment of Hon. John Munya as the new cabinet secretary in charge of Agriculture, Livestock, and Cooperatives replacing the outgoing CS Mwangi Kiunjuri, is a decision that should bring hope to the millions of smallholder farmers in the country. This is a sector whose potential remains largely untapped.

“Hon. Munya is credited for stimulating the growth potential of Meru County during his tenure as the governor. He had an eye for the agriculture sector while at the helm of Meru county.” Said Mr Njehu.

According to the advisor, currently, Kenya’s agriculture sector is grappling with a myriad of challenges including low prices of agricultural goods, increased cost of production and …

Communities from Lamu and Kitui together with Greenpeace Africa have moved to urge the government to stop coal projects.

They were also accompanied by members of the deCOALonize coalition who handed over letters to the Ministry of Energy and the Chinese Embassy.

The letters are calling on the Cabinet secretary, Charles Keter and Chinese corporations to stop investing in Lamu and Kitui coal projects and instead invest in renewable energy.

The anti- coal activists marched from Uhuru Park to Nyayo house where the Ministry of Energy is housed and then proceeded to the Chinese embassy to express their discontent over the planned Coal Power Plant in Lamu and coal mining in Kitui.

“Coal burning is the number one source of air pollution worldwide. The true cost of coal is destruction at every step- damaging people’s health through air pollution, using up and polluting scarce water resources and contributing to the …