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In 2017, Kenya was named among the top six destinations where African nationals visit seeking high-end specialised medical services.

It is this status that propels the country to invest heavily in its health sector in a bid to improve its state, so it can attract more medical tourists from the continent.

According to a report dubbed Tourism for Transformative and Inclusive Growth, medical tourism -- cross-border travel for medical purposes, including for medical services and elective procedures -- is an emerging market segment that has expanded in recent years in several African countries, notably Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia.

This is a sector that the Aga Khan Development Network is also looking to build on in East Africa. The The Aga Khan Hospital, in Dar es Salaam for instance was established in 1964, as a multispecialty 74-bed hospital offering quality health care for the people of Tanzania.…

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated June 14th 2020 as the World Blood Donor Day to “thank voluntary, unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood and also to raise awareness of the need for regular blood donations…”. Timely access to affordable and safe blood and blood products are integral to universal health care delivery.

This comes at a time when Kenya is particularly experiencing an acute and persistent shortage of blood and blood products in the country.

The blood situation in Kenya has been worsened by the ongoing Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic that has strained healthcare systems across the world. The obligatory measures put in place in response to the virus such as constrained mobility and physical distancing hamper the smooth running of blood services, leading to reduction in donations and blood shortages in hospitals and maternal deaths, some of which have been reported in the …

Whether we like it or not at some point we will have to say goodbye to this world we call home. Bad enough is that we do not know when it will be our last time on earth.

Due to these few facts, it becomes necessary to take up a funeral cover. Also known as burial insurance this is a form of insurance that pays a specified amount of money in the event of a death by ensuring that the costs of a funeral will be covered so that family members do not have to struggle financially at this difficult time.

A majority of families in Africa depend on relatives and friend’s contribution to manage a burial ceremony for their loved ones.

We can all agree that funerals are very costly and their expense can’t be carried by a single person. Funeral ceremonies in many major African cities can take …

Ilara Health, a Kenyan based health tech company bringing affordable diagnostics to doctors in Africa, has raised $700,000 in seed funding. Villgro Kenya,  local incubation hub has joined a suite of seasoned investors including ShakaVC, a Nairobi-based firm backed by Chinese investors, Chandaria Capital and the venture capital arm Chandaria Industries.
Angel investors in this round include Esther Dyson (23andMe, Yandex, Meetup), Nijhad Jamal (Moja Capital, ex BlackRock, Acumen), Aadil Mamujee (Musha Ventures), Selma Ribica (AfricInvest, Lebara Money, M-Pesa), and Shakir Merali (LGT Impact, ex Abraaj). Several of the new investors will become strategic advisors to the business.
The investment will be used primarily to grow Ilara Health’s peri-urban medical clinic customers in Kenya (and ultimately beyond. It will also allow the company to build a flexible technology platform to manage and protect valuable patient health and clinic financial data.
Ilara Health provides a route to market for new tech-powered