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A group of women on phones. Humanity Node Protocol, a blockchain-based platform which is working to eradicate poverty in Africa through community service.

ASL is a unique startup studio platform where we connect entrepreneurs with strategists, creatives, engineers, community, and capital to design, build and launch exponential organisations that aim to make people’s lives better.

The goal is to gather and share resources to help build and speed up the next 10,000 great blockchain-based companies that focus on helping people.

Early investors get an opportunity to invest in ASL-winning start-ups. Even though positive investments are not secret, Africa Startup League pipelines are the best way to reduce risk.

“We don’t just know our portfolio companies, we also keep track of them from the time they are just ideas to the present. At every stage of development, from the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to seed rounds and beyond, all Humanity NFTs have the chance to get investments,” said Barney Barrow, Co-Chairman of the Humanity Angels Club.…

The Humanity Node Protocol: Register to earn, invest, redeem crypto for cash.

This article will show you how to win money with the HUMANITY NODE PROTOCOL by just having a smartphone. There are only and will only ever be 300,000 NFTs to be drafted that are up for grabs for the next 35 days!!!

Humanity NFT owners can keep their Humanity NFT forever and pass it on to their generations. The owners can also sell them in the marketplace or to any other buyer anytime they want.

The Humanity NFTs are the core infrastructure assets of the entire Humanity Node Protocol ecosystem. As the community and the ecosystem grows, so will the value and economic output of each Humanity NFT.…

funding for growth

Every August, 10,000 teams will be allowed to register for that year’s African Startup League competition. The top 100 projects will win cash prizes (investments) of a minimum of US$10,000, with top startup projects walking away with a minimum of US$1,000,000 investment.

The rules of the African Startup League will be published in The Exchange on or before June 20th, 2022. The competition will run from August until December, with the winners being chosen and announced no later than December 15th of each year.…