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Renowned by some as ‘Africa’s melting pot’ and ‘Africa in miniature’ by others, Cameroon is inarguably one of the most diverse countries in the continent.

Perched at the crossroads of West and Central Africa, the country boasts not only a rich tapestry of indigenous cultures but also diverse flora and fauna. Its strategic position bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest, serves as a natural gateway into the landlocked region of Central Africa.

Cameroon is one of the countries that make up the Congo Basin, which is home to the world’s second-largest tropical rainforest after the Amazon. The Basin is popularly known as the ‘lungs of Africa’ covering 268 million hectares in Central Africa; a lush region filled with beautiful canopies that is not only home to more than 10,000 species of tropical plants which cannot be found elsewhere in the world, but also to the world’s largest tropical peatland.…