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Industries in Africa Industrialisation in Africa
  • High protection and heavy import dependency have left industries in Africa poorly prepared for international competition.
  • The tendency of many African governments to assign a leading role to the state in creating and operating manufacturing firms makes industries in Africa hard to thrive.
  • For decades, investments by African governments are often made with little regard to efficiency and the managerial capacity in target industries.

Africa Industrialization Day on November 20 is here, yet the region’s skies remain smokeless. While the region is endowed with $82 trillion worth of discovered natural resources, with the potential to contribute $30 billion a year in government revenue over the next 20 years, this potential remains untapped.

Africa’s failed industrialization

Sadly, Africa’s industrialization has been failing if not stagnating as many nations continue turning into customers of established manufacturing zones in China, Europe and India. For instance, Africa exports around 69 per cent of the …

Apparel Resources

Kenya East Africa’s largest and advanced economy has witnessed how the coronavirus has winged the trajectory of its private sector as the levels of activity and demand in May, as the virus stopped various economic interactions, a Stanbic Kenya survey showed.

According to the survey, the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) stood at 36.7 higher than April’s 34.8.

Further, if there is reading above 50.0 it signals an improvement in business conditions as in the previous month, while readings below 50.0 show deterioration.

However, according to Regional Economist for East Africa at Stanbic Bank Jibran Qureishi said business conditions have worsened in each month of 2020 so far, with the latest deterioration marked by historical standards, according to information from Capital FM Kenya.

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Also, the report noted that “Driving the downturn was a considerable fall in output levels in …