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The World Bank released the country’s 18th Economic update in the first week of this month.

According to the institution, the change was majorly impacted by improvement in road and bridge building, the acquisition of additional aircraft for the continued revival of Uganda Airlines, and large classified investments.

Uganda has in the recent past heavily deployed and channelled its national cake towards improving its shambled infrastructure especially the road, railway, water and air transport systems.…

Africa has had a dark past and specifically the four century long blot of human slavery climaxing in the 17th and 18th century. However, some of the descendants of the slaves have gone on to make great businessmen with great influence in the world.

Ghana has realized the potential such a group of people pose to the African economy and has launched several drives to make the African Diaspora return to the continent and invest in projects of their choice.

The Ghana Diaspora Celebration & Homecoming Summit 2019 (GDHS’19) is a four-day event recognizing and celebrating the immense contributions to nation building by the Ghanaian Diaspora.

The event will not only highlight past contributions but will focus on present contributions as well, whiles furthering the advocacy for political, economic, and all other systems and policies that would facilitate future contributions by the Ghanaian Diaspora.

Ghana’s president Nana Akufo-Addo in October …