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Annotation 2020 07 02 213346

The Republic of South Sudan’s path to economic recovery has not been an easy one, however, the country’s 2017 decision to join the African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) has been a positive step in the right direction.

ATI, a multilateral provider of investment and trade credit insurance, offers insurance against political and commercial risks, by attracting foreign direct investments into the region. 

In just a few short years, ATI’s support for the country is valued at over US$500 million.

Albert Rweyemamu, a Senior Underwriter at ATI, shed some light on the organisation’s work with South Sudan, which has largely focused on the oil/ gas and power generation sectors.

Since South Sudan became an ATI member country in 2017, how has your approach to the country changed? 

AR: Generally, ATI supports limited projects in non-member states as we cannot confer our Preferred Creditor Status (PCS), which offers protection against political