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Kyosk Acquires KwikBasket
  • Kyosk Digital Services has entered the African fresh produce market with the introduction of its Farm and Fresh line of business.
  • By connecting businesses, and consumers, Kyosk.App will facilitate transactions and enhances efficiency in supply chains.
  • Kyosk’s Farm & Fresh line aims to offer consistent market access, fair pricing, essential information and insights, and access to agricultural inputs.

Kyosk Digital Services, a digital-first and data-led distribution platform, is entering into the African fresh produce market with the introduction of its Farm and Fresh line of business.

This move follows Kyosk’s recent acquisition of KwikBasket, a well-established player in the agricultural industry. KwikBasket is known for its expertise in distributing agricultural products and providing valuable services to farmers. It also serves commercial kitchens, and other stakeholders in the food chain.

Specializing in online retail distribution, Kyosk Digital Services adopts a digital-first approach and leverages data-driven insights. The company aims to revolutionize …

During the last decade much has been said about the urgency to develop the African agricultural sector to meet the increasing need for food security across the continent. Frequently it is stressed that Africa largely missed the “Green Revolution” since the continent’s agriculture sector did not transform into an intensive arena with modern technologies to increase the crop yield significantly1.

Until today the East African agricultural sector is dominated for 75% by smallholder farmers that apply low farming inputs, traditional technologies and methods, while agriculture remains the backbone of the economy2. This article discusses a reason for optimism, and how a circular economy (aims close the loop of resources through the establishment of restorative and regenerative systems), can contribute to food security and food productivity in East Africa.

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Africa missed the Green revolution; an opportunity to implement