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upcoming South Sudan Oil & Power 2021 Conference & Exhibition in June

With a view to nation-building and inclusive growth, South Sudan is seeking investment in hydrocarbon exploration, infrastructure development and power generation capacity, with opportunities to be showcased at the upcoming South Sudan Oil & Power 2021 Conference & Exhibition in June.

South Sudan represents one of the fastest-growing frontier markets on the continent, driven by a renewed transitional government with a commitment to economic growth, infrastructure development and an oil revival. Led by H.E. President Salva Kiir, the newly formed unity government is prioritizing infrastructural development and exploration activities, with a view to rebuilding the nation, improving the standard of living and driving associated job and economic opportunities. With a critical infrastructure deficit and growing demand for alternative power generation solutions, South Sudan is characterized by its unique opportunity to build the domestic energy sector – and country – from the ground up.

South Sudan is currently the only commercial …