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A patient on medication.

AfyaRekod was founded in 2019 by John Kamara as an Adanian Lab start-up with seed funding from Mac Venture Capital and Next Chymia.

He established the company after losing a close friend who was misdiagnosed due to lack of medical records and data that could have helped save his life.

AfyaRekod founder John Kamara. Photo: John Kamara/Twitter.

Kamara noted that the solution to his friend’s death was bringing real-time access to data.

“We identified the capture and storage of accurate data across every possible level of infrastructure as a core problem. Our tool now allows patients to create a portal with all their health data and, most importantly, gives patients sovereign rights of ownership of their data.

“The patient logs in and sees all the information from the hospital. They don’t have to ask the hospital or beg for information. It’s their right to have access to it,” said Kamara.

In the future, Adanian Labs wants to get past the current phase, in which the flow of deals around the world is slowing down, and rise to power more start-ups and take over more markets across the continent.

In just two years, Adanian Labs has expanded out of Kenya and into Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, and Nigeria, which are some of Africa’s biggest start-up and tech hubs.

It wants to have a presence all over Africa by 2025, and it is working hard to help build 300 companies in the next five years. In the meantime, the lab plans to set up shop in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Senegal, and the Ivory Coast. It is also thinking about using a franchise model to speed up its growth.

Adanian Labs start-ups can easily expand into other markets because they can use the existing infrastructure of the venture studio as a springboard.