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Paper bags-The Exchange

Towards the June 1st deadline for the use of plastic bags in the country, the government is in talks with 15 industries that manufacture alternative bags to increase production.

The Minister for Industry and Trade, Joseph Kakunda said in his 2019/2020 ministerial estimates speech that the government welcomes new investors to help raise available alternative shopping and wrapping material.

Environment friendly bags can be made from easily available raw materials like cotton and sisal, among others, in like manner as baskets and straw bags of various sorts.

Mufindi Paper Mills is one among industries instructed to produce substantial amounts of paper bags to meet the demand, he said.

The minister asked the legislature to approve Tshs.100.3 billion ($43.6 million) for the financial year whereby Ths.48.8 billion ($21.2 million) meets the recurrent needs while Tshs.51.5 billion ($22.3 million) is used for development purposes.

The government has taken various strategic steps …