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Uganda road toll fees to start in January

Uganda road toll fees to start in January 2020 on the Chinese-funded  51 kilometre Entebbe Expressway in Uganda.

The government of Uganda seeks to raise money to finance public infrastructure projects through toll fees.

Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA) is to start charging fees for the Kampala – Entebbe expressway that links the capital Kampala with the Entebbe international airport. This is following the enactment of the new road act that was passed by the Ugandan parliament.

Allen Kagina the executive director UNRA said the authority has already started on the process to procure an operator and by January 2020 they will start collecting the toll fees.

The expressway has been free to use since it was opened to traffic in June last year. Lack of tolling equipment and an operator caused the delay.

Ms Kagina said that reports show an increase in traffic on the road with the increase …