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Red Sea Shipping Disruptions

Kenya is going big on tapping the billions in the blue economy if the latest developments by government, in partnership with the private sector, are anything to go by.

In a spirited move to exploit the country’s maritime sector and the global ocean waters, the government has entered into a partnership with global logistics firm―Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), to revive the defunct Kenya National Shipping Line (KNSL).

This is a bold move being taken by the government noting that KNSL has been dormant for close to 22 years, after poor management sent it into debt and loss of business.

Its collapse saw the country miss out on an untapped Ksh304 billion (US$2.9billion) business potential, an amount Kenyan importers spend on freight charges paid to foreign firms.

The national shipping line was established in 1987 as the national carrier to handle containerized exports and imports freight cargo, to and from the …