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When the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2020 winners were officially announced, one pair of Kenyan names stood out. Emmastella Gakuo and Percy Lemtukei, co-founders of Savanna Circuit Tech came out victorious bagging total funding of US$100,000.

The initiators of this problem solver challenge aim to have a pool of entrepreneurs and innovators who are keen on developing a solution that changes the manner in which global issues can be addressed for the common person.

The Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge is an online competition that awards cash prizes to early-stage startups that have developed a solution that drives economic development or solves a social or environmental problem.

Emmastella and Percy founded Savanna Circuit Tech in 2017, after meeting at the University of Nairobi. Observing a gap in which the dairy industry in Kenya was operating and the lack of a system to prolong the life of dairy products in