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grain imports
  • While Tanzania has imposed restrictions on grain exports, Kenya has prohibited the import of various grains.
  • These ongoing grain import bans are strategies set to tame the escalating food inflation in the region.
  • However, the import ban on wheat and maize will negatively impact Tanzanian traders who rely on the Kenyan market.

Kenya and Tanzania, two countries renowned for their evergreen grain trade, are now wielding the ban hammer on grain imports. This unexpected twist in the tale stems from a compelling synergy of motives—protecting local farmers reveling in bumper harvests and quelling the waves of food inflation.

As we delve deeper into this intriguing narrative, we will uncover the captivating dynamics at play, exploring the economic, agricultural, and geopolitical forces that have orchestrated this harmonious yet complex symphony of trade regulation.

Kenya and Tanzania deploy grain imports/exports ban

While Tanzania has imposed restrictions on grain exports, Kenya has prohibited …

The Kenya-US relations

President William Ruto’s election in August 2022 introduced an element of uncertainty in Kenya’s foreign policy landscape. While it is challenging to predict the exact trajectory, his past statements suggest a more pragmatic and balanced approach to international relations. While emphasizing the importance of regional integration and South-South cooperation, President Ruto has also acknowledged the significance of Kenya’s longstanding relationship with the United States. This nuanced stance implies that the government might not abandon the Look East Policy entirely but rather recalibrate to strike a more balanced approach between the East and the West.…

Using microbes, Kenyan scientists have developed an animal feed supplement that can help improve Tanzania's low performing dairy industry. Photo/FarmbizAfrica
  • Microbe animal feed supplement doubles milk production in 24hrs
  • Bacterial solution solves aflatoxin problem in animal feed
  • Tanzania dairy industry to benefit from Kenyan feed supplement

Kenyan dairy farming scientists have developed a molasses-based animal feed supplement that is capable of doubling milk production in just 24 hours.

Using naturally occurring microbes, scientists have figured a way to ‘pre-ferment’ or ‘pre-digest’ animal feed which in turn allows for the cow’s body to easily and quickly absorb nutrients and in turn produce more milk much faster.

Cows, like most other ruminant herbivores, do not have the time to properly chew their feed in the field, this could be a natural self-preservation adaptation i.e. quickly collect the feed when in a hazardous environment filled with predators and only process it later in the safety of their resting places.

Grass is stored in one of the four chambers (four stomachs) before being regurgitated …

Kenya's president Ruto
  • President Ruto ran for office partly on a Beijing-skeptic platform in response to claims of Chinese predatory lending to African nations
  • The Kenyan President assured American businesses that his administration would create a favourable business climate to encourage foreign direct investment
  • Moderna will soon start producing vaccines in Kenya, joining other major American corporations in the East African superpower, like General Electric, Meta, Google, and Microsoft
  • He obtained pledges in waste-to-energy solutions, space technology, carbon trading systems and markets.

When Kenya president William Ruto and other African heads of state arrived in Washington, DC, last week for President Biden’s US-Africa Leaders’ Summit, It was Kenya’s chance to rebuild strategic ties with the west.

Along with meetings with companies like Google, Visa and the Rockefeller Foundation in the private sector, as well as general conversations on political relations, security, and economic development, the president of Kenya also made a speech about