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Kenya flower exporters make $259,000 deals in the US.

Kenya flowers are attracting the interest of American flower buyers. A recent event in Dallas, USA saw Kenyan flower growers exhibit at the show with a total of $259,000 in deals with the US customers.

The Kenyan flowers are getting a fare review in continental US following the introduction of a direct flight from Nairobi to New York last year which has eased cargo and passenger movements.

Flower growers from Kenya have been waiting long for the moment that they could enter the enormous US market with Kenyan grown flowers. Shipping directly to the US market without having to reload the flowers somewhere in Europe, affecting both their freshness and cost price, was simply not possible until now.

During the Dallas event, over 12 flower growers booked and exhibited  at the edition.

World Floral Expo is a trade show that offers …