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Expanding opportunities in Africa’s budding logistics industry 

While Africa still lags behind in the development of an interconnected web of roads, railway lines, and profitable air routes, its potential has been described as one to watch. With the continent on an increased desire to improve infrastructure, private logistics firms are making a dollar sense with innovative initiatives.  

Investment rates in transport infrastructure have been increasing, thanks to major continental initiatives such as Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) for mobilizing resources to transform Africa through modern infrastructure. 

A report compiled by research outlet tracked 448 large-scale transport projects (road, rail and bridges) across Africa at all stages of development from announcement to execution with a total investment value of US$430.3 billion. 

Nigeria, with 49 projects amounting to US$48.3 billion, has the highest number of transport projects in the pipeline, while Egypt, with 20 transport projects, has the highest value amounting to US$52.9 billion, in