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KQ narrows its half year loss to KSh 9.88 billion as total revenues rise
  • Kenya Airways (KQ) narrowed its half-year loss to KSh 9.88 billion, less than the KSh 11.48 billion loss it reported in the same period in 2021.
  • Kenya Airways (KQ) has revealed that its total revenue rose to KSh 48,104 million in the six months ending June 2022, recording a 76 per cent increase compared to the same period last year
  • KQ said the increase is mainly attributed to significant growth in passenger revenue, which grew by 109 per cent, and cargo revenue which increased by 18 per cent

Kenya Airways (KQ) narrowed its half-year loss to KSh 9.88 billion, less than the KSh 11.48 billion loss it reported in the same period in 2021.

During the review period, the airline revealed that its total revenue rose to KSh 48,104 million in the six months ending June 2022, recording a 76 per cent increase compared to the same period last year.…

KQ has also increased the number of flights to Dar es Salaam and Entebbe from 14 to 16 while Kinshasa has seen an increase from 5 to 8.
Some Western countries like the UK and the US have issued travel advisories to their citizens, against travelling to Ethiopia.
The British Embassy has advised its citizens to leave Ethiopia while commercial flight opportunities are still available. The European nation has said that leaving Ethiopia may be difficult or even impossible in the coming days. …

  • Benefits of the agreement include strategic positioning in global aviation and diversification of earning streams
  • The Kenyan carrier said it remains committed to its financial turnaround strategy
  • The deal comes at a time when SAA has just resumed operations after an 18 month hiatus

Kenya’s national carrier Kenya Airways (KQ) and South Africa Airways (SAA) have entered a memorandum of cooperation with a longer-term view to co-starting a Pan-African Airline Group that in time will enhance mutual growth potential between the two carriers.

In a statement, KQ said the cooperation aligns with core purpose of ‘Contributing to the sustainable development of Africa’.

The airline added that the agreement would be based on mutual benefits, including strategic positioning in global aviation, diversifying earning streams, and reinforcing regional partnership in Africa through diplomatic and commercial relations.

These benefits are expected to translate into an increase in passenger traffic, cargo opportunities, and general …

Kenya’s national carrier Kenya Airways has launched a centre which it says will be used to mentor the youth.

In a statement, the company says the centre, dubbed ‘Fahari Innovation Hub’, will act as a springboard for new ideas and data-driven innovations to accelerate impact-driven solutions that address some of the societal and business challenges.

Kenya Airways Chief Executive Officer, Allan Kilavuka said the Fahari Innovation Hub has already been operating virtually for about one year.

He added that with the setting of a physical workspace, the hub will provide a centre for strategic innovation management offering opportunities for co-creation, collaboration, networking, research, and learning.

“At the pace at which change accelerates, especially now in the middle of a global pandemic, we have become increasingly aware of the need to be innovative as we position the business as a resilient, forward-looking and sustainable company with a deliberate inclusive agenda of …

Desperate times call for desperate measures and with Kenya’s flower sector hit hard by covid-19, it is time that the country sought ways to maintain relationships with its key markets.

The first gesture by the Kenya flower sector has been to send some 300 bouquets to the United Kingdom in what was called “solidarity with covid-19 frontline combatants” in a campaign dubbed Flowers For Hope.

Kenya’s national carrier Kenya Airways (KQ) flew the consignment on Friday night last week in a move set to keep the flower market open for business when the coronavirus pandemic passes.

The flowers to be distributed to those in the frontline of combating the pandemic including doctors, nurses and recovering patients and care homes were in sleeves inscribed with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s goodwill message.

Kenyatta’s message read, “There have been a few moments in history when the world has faced a crisis as far-reaching …

We are in a recession!

This is the stark reality that the world is facing and it has come sooner than many have predicted thanks to the covid-19 coronavirus. Already, the world is reeling from shock at the sheer magnitude of effect the virus has had on every aspect of life.

In addition to the lives and man-hours lost, the world will take a long time to recover from the hit. The global economy has suffered massive losses since the WHO announced the threat of the disease which was made public globally on December 31, 2019.

Already, airlines have started manifesting the effects of the coronavirus outbreak with Kenya Airways (KQ) staff taking a pay cut starting with newly appointed CEO Allan Kilavuka who will see his salary whittled down by 80 per cent from the 35 per cent he had announced earlier.

Tala’s next mission after freezing operations in

The airline business is becoming messier by the day as the covid-19 coronavirus continues disrupting business in a way never seen before.

From manufacturing to travel, entertainment to medicine, all sectors of the economy have been jolted by the virus whose epicentre is Wuhan, China. The disease, “a pneumonia of unknown cause detected in Wuhan, China,” was first reported to the WHO Country Office in China on 31 December 2019. From then, it has been a rollercoaster.

The real magnitude of the virus is starting to manifest with deaths, infections and isolations becoming the order of the day worldwide. While the disease in itself is not a death sentence, the fear that people may contract it en masse burdening health infrastructure in several countries has led to people isolating themselves, and observation, in what has now become the norm- social distancing.

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With the multibillion flower export business in Kenya, national carrier Kenya Airways (KQ) and Emirates could make the segment a possible battleground to control freighting the commodity.

Already, Emirates is ahead of the pack in Kenya having freighted 2,000 tonnes of cut flowers from the East African nation through its Emirates SkyCargo in January.

Kenya Airways is also propping up for the general air cargo market of which flowers make up for a sizeable account in Kenya. The national carrier is aggressively moving to consolidate air cargo transport after successfully launching the first direct flight from Nairobi to the US.

With the Expo 2020 Dubai beckoning, Emirates is off to a good start with cut flower transportation from Kenya to its more than 155 destinations globally.

Last year, Emirates SkyCargo transported over 46,000 tonnes of flowers across the world with over 24,000 tonnes, originating from Kenya.

Valentine’s Day flowers demand

Kenya’s citizen will not be evacuated from China, even as the coronavirus effect continues to bite parts of the Asian country.

Speaking to a local news outlet, Kenya’s Ambassador to China Sarah Serem, has noted that China has already put measures to control the outbreak.

“I prefer the Chinese government to handle the coronavirus since they are in a better position to deal with it. I don’t think Kenya is ready to deal with the virus. By bringing Kenyans back, it will only expose the rest to the danger of infection,” Ms Serem told Citizen TV in an interview.

Meanwhile Kenya’s National Carrier, Kenya Airways has said that it will not cancel its flights to Guangzhou.

The national carrier has said that it is closely ‘monitoring’ the situation before it takes the next step. Ambassador Sarah Serem had however called upon the carrier to suspend its flights to the country …