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At the time of this plan, Mombasa was becoming increasingly strained as business volumes and demand rose. The project was however halted for close to 30 years due to various factors including among them exorbitant projected costs. 

In 2012, Kenya’s then-President Mwai Kibaki hosted Ethiopia’s then Prime Minister and a South Sudanese delegation when the port’s foundation stone was laid. The three countries agreed to fund the project from their respective national budgets. Each country would finance their part till the completion of what was now known as the Lamu Port South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) corridor.…

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The Lamu Port is strategically located at the convergence of major shipping routes, saying its operationalization will open up northern Kenya to international trade, thereby fortifying the country’s position as a top economic gateway to Africa.
With one of the deep-water harbours on the east coast of Africa, Lamu Port has the potential to become a premier transhipment hub for all cargo destined for the continent. Furthermore, Lamu now joins Mombasa Port as a key entry and exit point of cargo, deep into and out of Africa’s hinterland.…

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced that the first berth of the new Lamu Port will be opened in October.

Lamu Port is the country’s second major sea port after the Port of Mombasa. It is part of the US$24.5 billion Lamu-Port-South-Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport corridor project aimed improving trade in the region.

The President who visited the project over the weekend expressed satisfaction with the progress of the ongoing construction works at the seaport.

He said the mega project will create the much needed jobs for Kenyan youth.

“Since I was here last year, it is true you’ve worked hard. Very soon, next month, we will be here to open the first berth which I am told you will have completed,” the President announced.

“We will launch by seeing a ship dock here to offload cargo. Offloading of cargo will be the beginning of jobs not just for you alone but also

Kenya has finally sent its first crude oil into the global market marking a major milestone in the country’s quest to become a net oil exporter.

President Uhuru Kenyatta flagged off the country’s maiden crude oil at the Kipevu Oil Terminal in Mombasa.

The oil tanker-Mv Celsius Riga will deliver the consignment of 200,000 barrels in Malaysia.

Kenyatta has since called for peace, warned against corruption and urged for prudent use of resources for the benefit of all Kenyans and the country.

The government will ensure that the local communities benefit from the oil,” the Presdeint said, “I urge all those in charge to avoid any misuse of the resource that would deny others Its benefit.”

Petroleum Cabinet Secretary John Munyes said plans are underway to construct a pipeline between Turkana and Lamu Port to ease transportation of the commodity.

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