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Seychelles’ economy has taken a positive turn, with its blue bond economy roadmap drawing attention from international organizations. Nuveen, a global asset manager, has expressed interest in purchasing Ecuador’s new $656 million blue bond. If Nuveen can acquire this economic goldmine, it would significantly bolster the African island’s overall trajectory through its primary source of revenue.…

A Shell project in South Africa. The company has been halted from carrying out explorations on South Africa's popular West Coast.

In his ruling, Judge Bloem said that Shell had failed to prove the safety of the project against the claims made by environmental experts and the local community, and that there had been a substantial flaw in the consultation process with the locals in the Wild Coast.
Protests against Shell exploration have gained 85,000 signatures with over 35 fuel stations dumping the company.
The local communities expressed their disappointment, saying that their customary rights to the land where they fished and did their religious activities had not been respected. Shell quietly announced the commencement of the seismic survey on November 4, 2021.…