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The epidemic has solidified long-term paradigm adjustments. Second, the desire for online transactions is on the rise, which is a powerful demand driver for both consumers and businesses. As new, non-traditional insurance providers enter the market, insurers must offer digital engagement at all touchpoints.

Insurance businesses in Africa have reason to be optimistic, though, given the region’s strong economic growth. Unfortunately, the recovery has not yet been reflected in their general trajectory due to a variety of reasons.

The entry of more insurance companies into the market and the resulting decrease in premium rates are at the top of the list of those considerations. In addition to the drop in investment returns, insurers have seen a decline in their financial standing.

Furthermore, traditional insurers have been slow to adopt new technologies in the current era of digitization, which has been to their detriment. With the use of digital technology, insurers …

Dr Connie Keung (AMPATH Surgery Team Lead) and Dr Kyle Carpenter (Global Surgery Fellow and IU Surgery Resident) conducting a surgery in conjunction with Kenyan surgical counterparts in Eldoret, Kenya. Kenya’s ailing health sector has received a boost with the partnership between Boehringer Ingelheim and AMPATH for Universal Health Care (UHC)

Getting treatment in Kenya’s medical institutions is akin to signing up for an expensive loan that may not be easy to service.

For instance, people who have opted to go to India say that the costs in the Asian nation are twice or thrice cheaper for the medical part. They thus opt to raise funds for the airfare and get the treatment outside Kenya.

Getting treatment in Kenya is financially draining since the National Health Insurance Fund is largely unreliable. The national scheme is the biggest insurer covering more than 90 per cent of the about eight million Kenyans with health insurance.

This means that no matter what kind of illness, the patient has to dig into their pockets despite the cover.…