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Tanzanian government has put in place measures to stop use of any Tanzanian, without paying for it.

This pledge was made by the Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Hon. Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe in a public meeting with entertainment industry stakeholders in Dar es Salaam, to discuss merging of three bodies: COSOTA (Copyright Society of Tanzania), BASATA (Arts Council of Tanzania) and the Tanzanian Film Board for better sectorial operations.

“No more using artists properties without paying, in wedding ceremonies halls or kitchen parties, all of them must contribute. How comes master of ceremonies (MC) get paid and use artists music freely” Minister said.

The statement, though it came quite rather late, but still at a convenient move to rejuvenate the lucrative sector, proving to standout amidst competitive entertainment industries form South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda.

Just last year two Tanzanian prominent talents and multiple awardees music-artists Hamis …