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Kenya looking to cast tax net wider with YouTube, NetFlix and Apps on target

Kenya’s tax collector Kenya Revenue Authority has been looking for avenues for raising the tax as the countries look for a more sustainable way of meeting its development budget, and with a debt that seems to be spiraling out of control.

Media reports emerging from Kenya have indicated that the taxman in conjunction with The Communication Commission of Kenya (CA) are looking at media streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube as well as other apps operating in Kenya.

Further, the taxman is looking at ways of collecting revenue from every app downloaded, similar to a legislative clause currently available in Cameroon which allows for Telcos to pay a certain percentage for every app downloaded.

According to KRA, provision of online platforms for use by third parties is a taxable supply under the Value Added Tax Act of 2013. This means that this will attract the standard 16% levy.

“If you …