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Yams in Nigeria.
  • Nigeria produces more than 60 per cent of the entire world’s yams.
  • Yam farming offers potential income-generating activities to Nigerian farmers who can grow this versatile tuber.
  • The sale and trading of freshly harvested yam creates business opportunities for vendors at local produce markets.

Nigeria is a country known for its rich agricultural heritage and the abundance of natural resources it provides. One of these valuable commodities is yam, which has been cultivated in Nigeria for decades. Yams are an important staple crop that provide both food security and economic opportunity to many Nigerians. The production and sale of yams present an array of opportunities for farmers, entrepreneurs, consumers, and businesses alike.

The agriculture sector in Nigeria employs approximately 60 per cent of the labor force and contributes to over 40 per cent of the country’s GDP.

Nigeria is the leading producer of fresh yams. According to the UN’s food …