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NGO Adeso seeks to decolonize aid through endowment of grants and a web program.
  • Degan Ali, has been advocating for a movement dubbed “decolonizing aid”, which seeks to decenter the voices of Western decision-makers and shift more power to nonwhite and local leaders in the global south.
  • Ali said they were going to try and turn the US$5 million Scott grant and other funds they get in the next few years and grow Adeso into a US$30 million to US$50 million endowment in the next ten years
  • Adeso is also planning to launch a new online platform, a website called Kuja Link, that will allow organizations worldwide to create connections with philanthropists

For the last decade, donors and funders worldwide have capitalized on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and nonprofits to issue humanitarian aid in Africa at the grassroots level.

One such donor is billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott.

Scott issues a US$5 million grant to Adeso

MacKenzie issued a US$5 million grant to Adeso,