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Uganda issued a protest note after losing $360,000 to Kenya milk seizure. Now EAC Joint Commission is moving to clear all Non-tariff barriers.

Other than the trade issues, the session examined and harmonized implementation of decisions across various sectors of bilateral cooperation including immigration, education, transport, communication, defence and security, energy and mineral development among others.

The meeting was a success to say the least, however, it still remains to be seen whether in the wake of the meeting, Ugandan truckers will pay less at the Tanzanian border. With a six month reporting period, a lot can transpire in the interim.

It is now going towards a month since the January sit-down and no ground reports have been publicized as to whether the toll fees have been harmonized for Uganda to match other EAC charges at the Tanzanian border.…

Dr Peter Mutuku Mathuki of Kenya sworn in as the new EAC Secretary General

The East African Industry Captains have convened in Arusha, Tanzania at Mt. Meru Hotel, to chart out regional policy priorities geared to spur intra-EAC trade to over 30%.

The regional policy priorities were presented to the EAC Secretary General Dr. Peter Mathuki who assumed office on 23rd April 2021, in a bid to inform his vision of transforming the EAC into a prosperous, inclusive, trade and investment bloc.

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“As the industry leaders we have analyzed key trade and investment barriers, delaying East African businesses to take full advantage of the EAC Customs Union and Common Market, said Mr. John Bosco Rusagara representing EABC Chairman Mr. Nick Nesbitt at the meeting.

Finalization of the comprehensive review of the EAC Common External Tariff (CET) to boost industrialization and regional value chains; the quick elimination of Non-Tariff Barriers and operationalization of the Committee …