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Kaspersky records over two million phishing attacks in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Phishing is a strong attack method because it is done on a large scale. It stressed that by sending massive waves of emails under the name of legitimate institutions or promoting fake pages, malicious users increase their chances of success in their hunt for innocent people’s credentials.

The article explained that phishers deploy a variety of tricks to bypass email blocking and lure as many users as possible to their fraudulent sites, adding that a common technique is HTML attachments with partially or fully obfuscated code. It stressed that HTML files allow attackers to use scripts, and obfuscate malicious content to make it harder to detect and send phishing pages as attachments instead of links.

According to a recent Interpol report, about 90 per cent of African businesses are operating without the necessary cybersecurity protocols and, therefore, are exposed to cyberattacks. The report also noted that there were more than …