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Africa has never been at a better time to capitalize on the real estate market. The sector is rigged with plenty of modern technology that offers myriad opportunities that shift away from traditional uses and increase transparency and efficiency. 

Africa Business Insider pointed out ten pathways for investors to benefit from investing in the African real estate market in 2022. 

Long-term residential rentals are argued to be one of the fastest ways for an investor to garner profits as the rising population in Africa calls for substantial development of decent shelter. 

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) allow investors to acquire profits without holding physical property. According to Business Inside Africa, REITs provide diverse opportunities to investors, primarily in the market niches.

KumKang Kind is also collaborating with developers in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Algeria outside of Kenya’s boundaries.

In his role as Business Development Director for Kumkang Kind East Africa, Sam Muhia advised the construction industry to be receptive to new ideas, such as using aluminium formwork as a construction component.

The building technology has been implemented by most western countries, according to Muihia, so that inhabitants can have affordable homes.