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Ethiopia’s economy to fall to 2% in 2021 and recover to 8% in 2022

In 2020 gross reserves amounted to $3.1 billion which the reports said is like 2.5 months of imports and are not likely to provide a short term alternative source of development financing.

With Ethiopia expected to receive $1 billion in Eurobond in December 2024, expanding public debt in the context of large public expenditure requirements can limit the fiscal space which will lead to repayments risks. To address this challenge, the country will need to work on reforms in public finance and investments management so as to improve the efficiency of public expenditures, the report explained.

In order to contain the debt burden in the government has established the fiscal consolidation strategy ‘Home-Grown Economic Reform agenda’, which plans to expand public financing sourcing, suspend non-concessional borrowing, harness grants and concessional loan and restructure debts.…