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Sports in Africa
  • Africa has traditionally been known to have vast untapped potential, and sports are no exception.
  • Sports tourism has gained popularity, with tourists traveling to Africa to attend sporting events or participate in sports-related activities.
  • Sports have become a booming investment sector in Africa accompanying the continent’s high-speed transformation.

Sports in Africa

Sports in Africa have immense positive socio-economic and cultural results on the communities in which they are embraced.  From professionals to youth, sports impact many facets within a community through increased financial resources, camaraderie, and teaching fundamental life skills – such as working hard to achieve a goal, working within a team to better the collective group, and playing by the rules. In Africa, however, the role of sports in economic and social development has yet to be fully realised. 

Africa has traditionally been known to have vast untapped potential, and sports are no exception. Sports can do much


 In the past sport was usually considered as a form of entertainment, it was casual and relaxed, today sport is often organized, mechanized, marketed, and administered as a business. Soccer is the most popular sport in Africa, and some countries such as South Africa have a successful premier league that employ players from around the continent. Africa has also exported world-class soccer players who play in the most paying leagues in Europe such as the UEFA and the EPL. These players have made millions and they are role models and a source of inspiration for budding players. The likes of George Weah from Liberia, Samuel Eto’o from Cameroon, Didier Drogba from Ivory Coast and the Egyptian Mohammed Salah who is currently playing for Liverpool in the EPL. 

Sports have the potential to assist in attaining peace, development and economic growth. It also boosts employment creation for the sportspersons as well


Africa is no stranger to athletic performances on the world stage. To say the least, Africa is the hub of sports prodigies across the world, and yet there is much to explore economically that Africa needs to do, for the sake of the coming generations. 

Amid a slew of different sports categories, the region has taken a keen interest in a couple of the sports segments 

The region of more than 1.2 people, with almost 60 per cent of its population being under the age of 25, according to United Nations projections, will eventually turn out to be the world’s youngest continent. This means there are more talents, more fans and possibly more ticket, merchandise and consumables sales. 

Football, athletics, basketball, rugby, cycling, rallying and cricket are mostly performed across the continent. 

 Football is performed nearly all over the continent and the entire world reaps fresh and unique talents