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Tanzania is looking to be the regional leader in production of sunflowers and with it to become the lead producer of edible oils.

To meet this target, Dodoma, the nation’s administrative capital has been selected to grow both sunflower and groundnuts too.

A 4.4bn/- investment is slated to kick start the project while at least one refinery plants valued at 1.5bn/- is expected to produce at least 30 tonnes. While the regional production capacity has not been made public, Dodoma and its vicinities already boasts of over 10 small and medium sized plants.

Experts say the region has the perfect climate for sunflower and groundnuts production. The semiarid climate has in the past worked for the production of groundnuts in large amounts and was the leader in export of the legumes.

Now years later, the region maybe revived to its glorious days. However to achieve this, public private partnership is …