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Global manufacturer and provider of solar power products–d.light has announced a US$18 million investment from a consortium of lenders, targeted for the African market.

The investment is focused on the renewable energy space including; two responsAbility-managed funds, SunFunder, DWM and SIMA.

The financing will be used to further grow d.light’s operations across Africa, the company has announced.

d.light has already brought solar power to nearly 100 million people without access to reliable electricity since 2007 using pay-as-you-go financing solutions and generating 171 GWh of renewable energy in the process.

The additional funding will enable the company to expand its product line, enter new markets and reach even more customers, all of which will drive the company’s mission of making clean energy products universally available and affordable, the management said.

“The investment underpins the catalytic role of the company in making available clean, reliable solar energy solutions through the pay-as-you-go business …