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The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) ( has announced a $1 million grant to support the government of Kenya to create a Super Energy Service Company (ESCO). The Super ESCO, to be run by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company, will develop and implement energy efficiency projects for both the public and private sectors.

Super ESCOs are vehicles for channeling funds into public sector energy efficiency investments such as hospitals, schools, and street lighting, laying the foundation for private investment later in the commercial and industrial sectors.

The SEFA grant will support the training of a dedicated team within the Kenya Power and Lighting Company’s Institute of Energy Studies and Research to operate as a Super ESCO, in addition, to support for private ESCOs in Kenya to develop their Energy Performance Contract services.

“The Kenya Power and Lighting Company Super ESCO will allow Kenya to not only …

The African Development Bank through managed Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) approved a $990,000 grant to support the preparation of a 9-MW solar-hydro hybrid project in Burundi.

The project consists of two plants, each consisting a solar and a hydro component, a local distribution network and interconnection to the national power grid. The innovative hybrid design is seen to regularize the output of power during the dry and wet season and mitigate power shortfalls caused by climate change.

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The SEFA grant is instrumental in assuring project bankability it will support technical feasibility, social impact and environmental assessment and financial advisory for the solar-hydro hybrid project.

The project will electrify about 20,000 households in surrounding communities through a local distribution network upon completion.
As a result of more electricity access the project will further generate socio-economic benefits especially for women …