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Elon Musk is on Africa's front pages again, this time it's a mining deal for Tesla to get access to graphite from the East African country of Tanzania. Photo/Magnis
  • Australian firm Magnis wins deal to supply Tesla’s graphite
  • Magnis subsidiary to mine under Special Economic Zone license
  • Tesla to import in excess of 17000 tonnes of graphite annually

Tesla, the American multinational automotive company and the World’s leader in electric vehicles, is expected to benefit from Tanzania’s graphite through a supplier that has been given mining rights to export 17,500 tonnes of graphite annually as of 2025.

Despite the ‘lack of official communication from Tesla’ local media reports that a third party, Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd, has in fact entered into a ” …fixed pricing Binding Offtake Agreement with Tesla, Inc. for the supply of Anode Active Material (AAM) that will commence in February 2025.”

Confirming the pact was Magnis Chairman, Frank Poullas, who expressed his company’s excitement over the Tesla deal.

“We are really excited to bring our high-performing AAM to a market that requires no chemical or …