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The service guarantees security and in-call stability, Telkom says

Telkom has introduced a new cloud-based fixed voice service dubbed “Omniconnect”, allowing SMEs and corporates to outsource for robust and secure cutting-edge technology.

Telkom Hosted PBX service will deliver a world-class end-to-end software and hardware system, powered by global technology company Avaya.

Besides making and receiving calls, the service will also offer other features such as conference calls and the ability to integrate with email and the mobile phone.

The subscription-based service will eliminate the need for businesses to make heavy initial capital investment to acquire and maintain the fixed telephone system; nor will they have to host the same on their premises.

Businesses can also flexibly upgrade or scale down the service, in line with changing needs and technology trends.

Telkom Enterprise MD Kris Senanu, said: “This solution will free corporates and SMEs to focus on their core businesses, without …