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Tanzania’s leading digital lifestyle company, Tigo Tanzania, has today introduced the first most affordable 4G phone with the aim to provide 4G internet for everyone in Tanzania. The 4G enabled smart feature phone dubbed “Kitochi 4G Smart”will retail at $21 and comes with applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and YouTube.

Speaking during the launch, Tigo Tanzania’s Chief Commercial Officer, Tarik Boudiaf, said, “As the pioneers with the biggest 4G network in Tanzania since 2014 we are breaking yet another barrier to enable and avail everyone with the most affordable 4G phone to be part of our fast-growing digital family. We are proud of continuing advancing digital inclusion agenda in the country”

Boudiaf further added that the price of the 4G enabled devices has been a hindrance for most Tanzanians to enjoy the benefits of 4G internet. With the introduction of “Kitochi 4G Smart” in the market …

Innocent 2

When Mr. Innocent Rwetabura strode into the interview room, he didn’t have the temperament that would be associated with someone of his stature – holding a top tier position at one of the leading Telecom companies in the country.

To the contrary, Rwetabura was unassumingly gentle. He patiently sat there, readying himself to be bombarded with questions.

Perhaps his extensive experience in the financial and telecom sector at some of the biggest companies in and outside of Tanzania elevated not only his skills as a finance expert, but his overall demeanor.

Rwetabura’s history speaks for itself. He moved to Tigo with vast experience having held various top positions at other companies, some trading in the Telco industry.

According to him, accounting has always been in his blood. Yes, dealing with numbers comes with the package, but his motivation has not always been remuneration and perks that come with the profession, …