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Virtual Office

In 2020, remote working finally became normal everywhere. Analysts and thought leaders had predicted that this would happen “soon” for the past 25 years, but it took a global crisis for it to materialize.

Since March, people in many professions have gotten increasingly used to working from outside their offices.

Before the pandemic hit, many employers were loath to give their staff that flexibility, especially for extended periods of time. With Covid-19, that changed overnight. Even the most diehard bosses have now given in and allowed people to work from home or remotely.

One key realization, captured in many memes, was: “Wow! all those meetings could actually have been emails!”.

Online meetings had already become generally accepted as a more efficient alternative to most in-person meetings. Many of us had even come to cherish the online format, as they tend to be shorter and more to the point than those