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Gran Melia Opens New Hotel in Tanzania.

Similarly, as the country took internal measures to help the sector recover, the entire region, under the East African Community (EAC) moved to do the same. The EAC’s Sectoral Council on Tourism and Wildlife Management recently approved what it termed, the EAC Regional COVID-19 Tourism Recovery Plan.

Under this recovery plan, the EAC looks to work collectively towards the recovery of tourism in the region by supporting measures already adopted by individual countries in the bloc. A key agreement here was harmonization of guidelines to restore tourism and hospitality.

The Council approved the draft regional guidelines which are meant to build coherence in the measures that individual countries take to revive tourism. The Council insisted that if they work under the same guidelines then they will be able to earn trust and confidence of international tourists.…

The Kilimanjaro mountain scape, Serengeti fascinating landscape, the Ngorongoro conservation magical experience and the spice island exuberant moments in Zanzibar are just a few joyous tourist experiences, one can acquire in real-time when visiting Tanzania.

Nevertheless, this magnificent reality is a product of hard labour and constant update of policies, laws and modus operandi of the tourism industry in Tanzania.

However, over the past couple of years, the competition has spiced up pretty hard and other players are coming into the fold, naming two: Rwanda with its stunning hills scenery—investing millions of dollars to brand their industry (Visit Rwanda) and Uganda’s game viewing.

To say the least, Tanzania has competitors across the East African Community, and it is great—in the name of developing healthy economic pillars, which are driven by sustainable mechanisms to preserve natural resources and unify our regional economies.

The Tanzanian tourism sector contributes nearly 17.5 per cent …

Wildfire strikes Africa

It is no quite often Tanzania experiences wildfires ravaging world heritage sites, but currently, it is facing fire battle. For nearly five days now wildfire has been causing havoc in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro mountain and Africa’s highest peak—with 5,895 meters.

According to information from The Citizen, still the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) until yesterday, still, no new information on the progress of the fire had been produced.

According to  TANAPA communication official Pascal Shelutete on Tuesday, the fire which was sparked on Sunday afternoon in Whona—a tourist stopover was caused by porters warming food for tourist, according to information from The Citizen.

Wildfire strikes Africa

Hence—since then the event has drawn hundreds of firefighters and non-firefighters on the mountain, all in the efforts to put it out.

“Though there could be more to this fire preliminary evidence points Whona where visitors were warming their food. As you know …