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USE concedes failure of SME capital mobilising segment, creates new window.

The USE Edaala will also facilitate private companies with numerous shareholders benefits from the deficiencies provided by existing trading and depository platforms with shareholders being able to trade their shares should they wish to divest their stock and utilise portfolio management tools.

The application period for the first cohort is expected to close on December 8, after which the USE will conduct an assessment of the applicants for eligibility.

Through the new segment, companies will be able to access long term capital through private placements, access to a wider pool of domestic and international investors, flexible admission and regulatory compliance requirements, among others.

Capital is the main fuel of every business, no matter what size. However, sometimes a business can face monetary constraints and a shortage of funds. In such a scenario, business finance can help power up the enterprise.…

The Uganda Securities Exchange (USE) in partnership with MTN Mobile Money Uganda has launched a digital service to facilitate convenient Securities Central Depository (SCD) account opening, using the MTN Mobile Money platform. 

In a statement, the partners said deal is envisaged to simplify the process of opening an SCD account, which is a requirement for individual investors to participate in the securities market.

While launching the digitized SCD account opening service Paul Bwiso, the Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda Securities Exchange noted that the new digital SCD account opening platform will bolster participation of the everyday Ugandan in the country’s stock market.

He added that the move will allow more people to open their SCD accounts remotely and subsequently be able to invest in any of the companies and debt instruments listed on the USE.

“Since embarking on its digital transformation journey in 2015, USE had been intentional about …

The 10 richest investors in companies that are listed on the USE own stakes amounting to $18.5 million. A huge portion of the market is controlled by institutional investors and parents companies of the listed entities while the 10 richest investors control about 0.30 percent of the market’s $6.1 billion valuations.

The USE was named as the best performing stock exchange in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2010.

Currently, there are nine domestic companies listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange.…

Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania have joined forces to connect stock markets electronically.

The project which is funded by world bank means that the three countries will operate a single market with a view of reducing the cost and time of trading in shares of companies listed on markets across the borders.

The three states are to start trading before the end of this year after interconnecting their trading systems and hooking it to the EAC Capital Markets Infrastructure (CMI) Information Technology platform.

With this new singe stock market, investors in the three states will buy and sell shares of companies listed in any of the countries without going through different stockbrokers.

Taking 3.28 per cent of the value of the transactions, Ugandan stockbrokers take the largest share of the stock trading commission not only within East Africa but in the entire African continent.

Brokerage commission on equity trading in Rwanda …