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Maotai Liquor from China-The Exchange

China`s economic miracle is a combination of several factors, including globalization, openness and cooperation, a prominent Chinese national stated.

Speaking during a high-level business talk in Dar es Salaam, board member, deputy secretary and member of the party committee at Moutai Group, Wang Yan, said 40 years ago, China was poorer than most African countries at present.

The business talk, which was graced by former Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda held in Dar es Salaam, was part of the `Cultural Moutai, Colourful Guizhou` – China Kweichow Moutai Belt and Road Branding Initiative in Tanzania.`

The business talks also coincided with the launch of Moutai liquor in Tanzania.

`Africa is still developing. China`s development miracle from being the poorest country in the world to today has showcased the profound power globalization, openness and cooperation have over people`s lives……I remember vividly that over 40 years ago, the income of these families was extremely …