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The war in Ukraine has had intended and unintended casualties in and around Ukraine and world over.

The Russo-Ukrainian has the potential to roll back the gains the world had started to make post COVID through the volatility it has caused in the financial markets. Much of the volatility caused by the war has been the spike in the price of crude oil which has seen non-oil producing countries many of which are not part of the conflict importing inflation into their economies. The Ukraine war will expose sensitive vulnerabilities in countries from the price shock in commodities in general. Vladimir Putin the architect of the war in Ukraine so far is unfazed by the impact of the economic sanctions imposed on him and doubled down on his aggression against the former soviet nation. The Ukraine war has introduced froth in world markets and other economies which have little to

I can vividly remember sitting in a Nairobi classroom in Kenya and scribbling away my discussion to validate that assertion. I also clearly remember answering the same question in Ordinary Level Secondary school in Jinja, Uganda and when I returned to my country of birth, Tanzania, I again had to respond to the same question in Advanced Level High School.

My explanation was simple, Egypt is a dessert country and its main source of fresh water is the Nile. Without the Nile, they would be no Egypt…

It was the correct answer; the answer that my teacher liked and am sure so does Egypt. What of the countries of East Africa, the source of the Nile. Well, the teaching goes, they too need the Nile, but since they are tropic countries that receive considerable amount of annual rains, they don’t need the Nile as much as Egypt does.

That is…