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  • Creating a “greater purpose” is essential to Onafriq’s corporate culture, driving its growth and unifying Africa’s digital payments.
  • Onafriq’s digital payments network connects over 1,300 cross-border payment corridors and facilitates financial access for over 500 million mobile wallets and 200 million bank accounts in 40 markets in Africa.
  • Overall, Onafriq empowers small businesses and women entrepreneurs by providing access to digital payment options, asset-based financing services, and additional income opportunities.

Being deliberate about creating a “greater purpose” is essential to building an authentic corporate culture, engaging stakeholders, and navigating the evolving landscape of corporate philanthropy. This is the philosophy behind Africa’s largest digital payments network, Onafriq’s, extensive growth and vision to unify the continent’s digital payments landscape according to its General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer Funmi Dele-Giwa.

Dele-Giwa recently shared insights into the organisation’s unique position at the intersection of social impact and commercial ambition at the Women in …