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Financial and environmental institutions, United Nations, multinationals and sustainability campaigners on Thursday gathered in Nairobi to hold the inaugural Africa Summit to accelerate green and sustainable finance.

Economic diplomacy can conquer poverty and create more jobs in Africa, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said.
The Kenyan President has since called on those in positions of power to provide quality leadership by getting actively involved in economic diplomacy that delivers opportunities for growth and transformation.

President Kenyatta spoke at Avani Victoria Falls Resort in the tourist town of Livingstone in Zambia, when he addressed the inaugural National Economic Summit (NES) at the invitation of President Dr Edgar Lungu.

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Economic diplomacy is an engine that developing countries are employing to drive faster economic development especially in Africa.

It is becoming a major theme of the external relations of virtually all countries.  Economic Diplomacy promotes a country’s foreign and financial relations in support of its foreign policy.

Current trends include increasing collaboration between state and non-official agencies, and increased importance given …