Author: Brian Misiati

Journalist and Script writer, Environment and climate change enthusiast

Previous elections in Kenya. Among the most-watched elections for 2022 are those in Kenya, Angola and Senegal.
  • Kenya’s economy is expected to expand the fastest in 2022 despite this being an electioneering year
  • This is a much better performance than any other since the onset of the multiparty system 20 years ago
  • It is estimated and expected that the economy will grow by 5.4 per cent by the time we get to September 2022

Kenya Economy

A projection of global economists has suggested that Kenya’s economy is expected to expand the fastest in this electioneering year despite not knowing who will win the 2022 election in Kenya.

This growth is more than any other since the onset of the multiparty system 20 years ago shrugging off politics in Kenya 2022.

This increase, they say is supported by increased expenditure and also the need for more human resources to run campaigns with the introduction of features like social media campaigns which also is a way of collecting revenue.…

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However, all efforts have been directed in that sector to try and make it greener and cleaner. Among consumers, a major shift is now being witnessed with most of the industries investing in clean energy sources that are both affordable and sustainable.

Such initiatives have made Kenya be rated among the top countries that are implementing their nationally determined contributions that seek to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the country by 32 per cent by 2030.

The latest industry to have made noted efforts to transit to clean Energy is Bamburi Cement Factory situated in Bamburi Mombasa.…

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Safaricom has a network of partners whose collaboration allows subscribers to send and receive money from more than 200 countries and territories.

The launching of the M-Pesa supper app has also enabled its users to operate mobile money transfer easily and securely making it rise faster in the African continent.

For instance, access to financial services and products in Kenya grew by an astonishing 56 per cent between 2006-2019 due to the availability of the mobile money services . M-Pesa has been credited with lifting at least two per cent of Kenyan households out of extreme poverty.…

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According to the Business Wire report of 2021, South Africa generates up to 108 million tonnes of annual waste, about 90 per cent of this which ends up in landfills. The problem is that landfills are projected to be full in a few years to come.

The national waste management strategy gazette by the government in 2020 gives a clear direction on how to acquire raw products for metal products and how to even trade the final products.

The producer’s responsibility scheme hold the manufacturers responsible for their products and packaging to the end of their life cycle.…

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