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mu ri uki

In addition to the Best Bank CEO in Africa award to Muriuki, the EMEA Awards also awarded the Best Bank in Kenya Award to the Co-operative Bank, and the Best Asset Manager award to Co-opTrust Investment Services Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Co-op Bank.

With Kshs 181billion in assets under management, Co-op Trust is one of the largest and most successful locally-owned asset management firms in Kenya.…

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Luxury-Homes-in-Africa source african vibes magazine

The African continent has been portrayed in most literature as the “Dark Continent”, with not many expectations from it. This degrading view is slowly fading from the trending news globally, as the continent continues to headline great achievements. 


There has not been a shortage of millionaires as well, with new six-figure worth individuals being added each year impacting the socio-economic outlook on the continent.  …

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle Net Worth?

Born on August 24, 1973, David Khari Webber Chappelle is an actor, writer, American stand-up comedian, and producer. He was born in Washington DC. His parents were professors named Yvonne Chappelle Seon and William David Chappelle III. Allen University president was his great grandfather, Bishop D. Chappelle. Chappelle was raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was a very comedy kind of person so everyone knows from before he will be a great comedian one day.

Net Worth

It should be less if we say that his net worth is $20-30 million. It should be more than $50 Million. He does so many comedy series and movies. He also does stand-up on Netflix where he gets $20 million per release. And he released 5 stand-ups in 2019 on Netflix. Between June 2016 to next year June he has earned $47 million. And from June 2017 to 18 …


Who is Mr Beast?

Jimmy Donaldson who took birth on May 7, 1998, usually recognized by his online believed name Mr Beast, who is an American YouTuber seeming for his high-priced tricks and benevolence. He has been assigned with beginning as a type of YouTube record that relied on costly skills. He is moreover the co-maker of Team Trees, which is a pledge ride for the Arbor Day Foundation, which has raised over $22 million


Mr Beast started performing recordings on YouTube in 2011 at age 13, under the title “MrBeast6000”; which was his original substance that went from Let’s Plays to “recordings estimating the bounty of other YouTubers”. But, his recordings stayed in comparative lack of definition—which was equating around 1,000 prospects respectively—until the arrival of his 2017 “including to 100,000” video that gained a huge number of views in only a couple of days. As of December …

Jeffree Star Net Worth

Who is Jeffree Star?

The famous personality Jeffree Star is an American model, style creator, DJ, artist musician, and cosmetics artist who has total assets of $200 million. Still being one of the most generously paid YouTube stars on the planet, he regulates a healthful field which is considered Jeffree Star Cosmetics that is the origin of most of his wealth today.

He is known for his beautiful hair shading that is usually hot pink, and numerous tattoos. As per Forbes Jan 2020: $17 million. Jeffree Star is obtaining around $20 million every year. As per Well off Gorilla 2019: As of 2019, Jeffree Star’s total assets are 50 million dollars.

First making his mark with a solid clickstream presence, when Jeffree Star saw people’s affection for his cosmetics looks, he described his initial attempt into web-based media into a YouTube channel that celebrates more than 4,000,000 followers.


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